AudioLabels helps visually impaired persons to recognize objects through an audio description associated to barcodes or QR codes.

AudioLabels works in two simple steps:

  1. Point your camera towards a label with a barcode or a QR code. AudioLabels will search many providers in Internet for an available text description. If a description is found, AudioLabels will read it through VoiceOVer. If no description is found, AudioLabels will ask you to enter a text or to record an audio description.
  2. When you point again the camera towards that label, AudioLabels will read the description.

Share text descriptions

With AudioLabels you can contribute to extend the database of available barcode descriptions. Whenever you add a new description you can choose whether to share it with other AudioLabels users or not. Shared descriptions will be available for all AudioLabels users. Please note that audio descriptions cannot be shared.

Use custom labels

The objects you want to recognize do not have a printed barcode or QR code (like the CD with your files)? Don’t worry: with AudioLabels you can receive your custom labels by email so you can print and stick them on every object you want to recognize.

Use AudioLabels to recognize boxes, DVDs, clothes, paper documents, etc.

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