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AudioLabels makes extensive use of third-party and user-generated content. EveryWare Technologies takes great care to provide quality information. Nonetheless, EveryWare Technologies does notĀ  guarantee, and accept no legal liability whatsoever arising from or related to, the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of any information associated to bar codes as well as QR codes provided by AudioLabels. Furthermore, EveryWare Technologies is not responsible forĀ  direct or indirect damages which might be caused by the use of AudioLabels.

Terms and Conditions

  1. EveryWare Technologies works to keep AudioLabels a reliable, secure and bug-free application, but you use AudioLabels at your own risk. AudioLabels is provided as is, without any express or implied warranties.
  2. All of your personal information will be automatically processed.
  3. All of the content you share through AudioLabels becomes the property of EveryWare Technologies. Unshared content is the property of the author.
  4. To the purpose of maintaining a reliable service, EveryWare Technologies reserves the right to change or remove any shared content at any time, without informing the author in advance.
  5. You will not share any content that infringes the law or otherwise may be potentially offensive for other people.
  6. You will report potentially offensive content to EveryWare Technologies contact e-mail address.
  7. You will not use AudioLabels if you are under 14.
  8. The Foro di Milano (Italy) will have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim concerning AudioLabels.

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