EasySmart Phone

EasySmart Phone

EasySmart Phone is a simplified interface that allows everyone to access the capabilities of a smartphone.

It is  especially designed for the elderly and for people with mild visual impairments or mobility, but it is also great for those not familiar with technology or that simply do not feel comfortable using a smartphone.

Technically, it is a launcher, i.e., an app that substitutes the normal interface of the phone.

Key Features:

  • Easy access to the main functions (phone, messages, and notifications) from the home page.
  • Speed ​​dialing
    Tap on the pictures of your preferred contacts to call or send a message

  • Customizable
    Confused by too many applications? Make visible only the applications you commonly use. If you want new ones, EasySmart Phone  can also recommend the most useful and simple apps.

  • Reading Voice
    A VOICE will guide you in using the phone and it will read text messages for you (option can be disabled).
  • Interaction optimized
    Large and well spaced buttons in the main page and even within “phone” and “messages” applications.

  • Location on map
    Are you lost and need to figure out where you are and where to go? See your location on the map

  • SOS
    Both lock screen and main page provide a SOS service. You can specify phone numbers to contact in case of emergency. When activated (after confirmation) the service sends SOS messages to the numbers indicated and automatically starts the phone calls. Messages show the map location and address where you are.

  • Heart beat
    A long period without even moving the phone can be a symptom of a problem. EasySmart Phone automatically informs pre-defined contacts  if this happens (fully configurable).
  • DoubleClick
    You are experiencing some tremor in your hands that makes it difficult to operate a smartphone?EasySmart Phone includes a special technology to prevent unintended double tapping on the screen.

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