iMove supports independent mobility of visually impaired people.

By using iMove, you can:

  • Know the address where you are;
  • Know points of interest are around you (e.g. schools, stations, pubs, etc.);
  • Record speech notes associated to your location. A speech note will be played every time you will be close to the place where it has been recorded;
  • Customize the messages. For example, you can choose to be warned about the address where you are, the current orientation and speed, about speech notes, nearby points of interest, etc.

Enable the “Notify me” functionality to be alerted even when the app is not running.

What’s New in Version 1.3

  • You can read the details of a point of interest and then: you can open the system navigator to reach the point of interest, call it or visit the website (where available);
  • You can share your current location via text message;
  • You can group notes in routes;
  • Text notes are available (in addition to speech notes);
  • You can share your text notes with your contacts;
  • You can import text notes created by your contacts.


iMove is designed to be fully accessible with VoiceOver.
By enabling “Notify me”, iMove will use the location services while running in background. Continued use of GPS dramatically decreases battery life.

iMove has been developed by EveryWare Technologies with the sponsorship of Retina Italia Onlus.

Retina italia Onlus

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