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Light Detector
Listen to the Light

Have you ever listened to light? With Light Detector, now you can!

Light Detector transforms any natural or artificial light source it encounters into sound.

Light Detector is easy to use! Just run the application and point your iPhone camera in any direction. You will hear a higher or lower sound depending on the intensity of the light.

If you are blind, Light Detector helps you to be more independent in many daily activities. At home, point your iPhone towards the ceiling to understand where the light fixtures are and whether they are switched on. In a room, move the device along the wall to check if there is a window and where it is. You can find out whether the shades are drawn by moving the device up and down.

Bring Light Detector with you to discover what is around you at the speed of light.


Light Detector has been listed on Apple’s Accessibility webpage as one of the apps specifically designed for visually impaired people!

What’s new in version 1.1:

  • LightDetector is now more accurate while measuring light intensity.
  • Tap on the screen to hear (if VoiceOver is enabled) the current luminosity value (from 0 to 100%). The result can be provided with a short delay (within three seconds).
  • If you tap and hold, LightDetector stops playing.

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