Math Melodies

Math Melodies

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Math Melodies is a new approach for visually impaired students to practice math using the new technology offered by tablets.

Discover Math Melodies

Math Melodies contains 12 different types of exercises that children can explore with their fingers while receiving audio feedback. Through this approach, children can perceive the bi-dimensional structure of the exercises, otherwise hard to figure out while using math software on traditional computers.

A child playing with an early prototype of the operations in column exercise

Math Melodies is fun and entertaining while retaining its educational purposes. This is why exercises will be immersed in a narrative context that guides the student through the learning process. The tale is comprehensive of 6 chapters, and the exercises have increasing difficulty levels. At the end of each level the child receives a reward in the form of a piece of melody that will eventually form a complete song. The app is enjoyable by all children and enhances inclusion between visually impaired and sighted children.

The story of Math Melodies

Math Melodies has been developed thanks to a crowdfunding campaign!

We want to thank alle the people who supported us so far, many of them areĀ listed on our website. In particular we want to thank our gold sponsor, Associazione Anatroccolo ONLUS and the authors of the anonymous donations that greatly helped us reach the target.

Associazione Anatroccolo Onlus

Associazione Anatroccolo ONLUS
Gold sponsor

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