We want to thank our sponsors:

Associazione Anatroccolo ONLUS

Associazione Anatroccolo ONLUS
Gold sponsor

Unione Italiana dei Ciechi e degli Ipovedenti ONLUS

Unione Italiana dei Ciechi e degli Ipovedenti ONLUS


And the associations that gave us their patronage:

Associazione Nazionale Subvedenti Retina Italia ONLUS

We also want to thank all the people who financed our project and, particularly:

  • valentina5
  • rosanna.attaguile
  • marcomasoli
  • Santina Pedroni
  • Angelica Pagano
  • Madprint
  • Elisa Bartoccini
  • Gianni Nanino
  • Maurizio Di Pilato
  • radighieri
  • Christian.Quadri
  • Pistacchios Volleyball Team
  • Andrea Lombardi
  • pit7one
  • valentina.mele
  • alberto.mauri

Our press agency in Italy is Be Media, a new partner that is helping us communicating the Math Melodies project for free! In particular, we would like to thank Alberto Murer, Serena Battiloro and Salvatore Bruno for their great job that made it possible to have Math Melodies mentioned on many on-line and traditional Italian media.

We also want to thank Diane Brauner and her colleagues for their great feedback about our app and for all the suggested improvements.

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