PCube Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

How PCube differs from other similar applications?

There are a few mobile apps that let you know the location of other users (even with some privacy control). First of all, PCube is not an app to report people location, but only to detect the proximity between you and your friends. From a privacy point of view PCube has these unique features:

  • PCube encrypts your location information before it leaves your device; hence nobody except the friends you authorize to decrypt has access to your location information. You don’t need to trust service providers’ location privacy policies: they just can’t access that data. You avoid the risk of leaks of this information to third parties due to incidents, commercial agreements, fusions, or other events.
  • PCube does not reveal any location information to friends that are not in proximity.
  • PCube offers you full control on the location information that can be acquired by a friend that happens to be in proximity.¬†Our technology ensures that independently from the parameters your friends use in PCube, they cannot identify your location with a precision higher than the one you intuitively specify as an area of uncertainty on a map.

Does PCube store my location data?

No, your location data are not stored, and anyway they are encrypted upon leaving your device.

How frequently is the proximity computed?

The maximum delay is currently 2 minutes, but in most cases the proximity status is quickly updated.

PCube Android 0.x specific questions (please read also PCube Android Help)

Why the app asks me to allow access to my profile data on Facebook?

Since we offer the possibility to invite your Facebook friends to share proximity with you, and we offer the Facebook chat service within the app, we are currently bound to follow what Facebook prescribes in these cases. We use your data only for retrieving your friends’ list and nothing is permanently stored on our servers. You can find more on this in our PCube Android Privacy Policy.

Does PCube store my Facebook login and password ?

No, authentication is done using a Facebook interface. Your authentication data do not transit from our server

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