More about PCube

Your location is valuable and sensitive information that you should share only with the friends you trust, and only to a limited extent. PCube, by employing advanced cryptographic protocols, offers you the opportunity to protect your location.

Start PCube and see which of your friends happen to be in the area. Choose your location privacy preferences with a simple map-based interface. Your location data are encrypted as soon as they leave your device, and hence not acquired by PCube servers. If you are not in proximity with a friend, she will not know where you are. If you are close-by, the proximity alert she receives does not reveal your location with higher precision than you have decided.

With iOS PCube you can also be notified of the proximity of your Facebook friends, thanks to check-ins and geo-referenced tags. For example, you can be notified when your friend Alice does a Facebook check-in from a nearby pub or if she is tagged in a geo-referenced post made by your common friend Bob. You can also see on the map both the exact position of your Facebook friends and the approximate position of your PCube ones.

Key features for all versions

  • Be instantly notified when a friend is in proximity
  • Hide your location from the servers
  • Visually control your location privacy with respect to friends
  • Automatically update your location

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