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PCube iOS Privacy Policy

The PCube application and the related service (collectively “PCube”) are operated by EveryWare Technologies srl (“EveryWare,” “us” or “we”). This privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) is intended to inform you of our policies and practices regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of information you submit to us through your use of PCube.


If you have general questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at

Relevant Definitions

“PCube friend”: a PCube registered user that is running PCube and that has been authorized by you to enquire about your proximity. By default all PCube users are NOT authorized.

“Proximity computation”: Given a proximity threshold value, and the positions of two friends, a proximity computation returns a positive result if the distance between the positions is less than or equal to the threshold value. The same term is used when positions and result are approximate values.

“Uncertainty area”: it is an area that contains your current location. Its size is determined by your privacy preferences as set in the PCube “My Privacy” Tab. Independently from your exact location within this area, the uncertainty area is the same.

Location data collected and shared while using PCube

The encrypted information about your uncertainty area is not shared with third parties, except for PCube friends. Despite PCube friends are not explicitly informed about your uncertainty area, you should be aware that they may still learn it. If you install PCube on your mobile device, whenever PCube is running and you have logged on, it will periodically determine your location. Each time this happens, your location is transformed into the corresponding uncertainty area. Your exact location is NEVER transmitted by PCube in any form without being first generalized to the corresponding uncertainty area.

The uncertainty area is periodically transmitted from your device to our servers in an encrypted form. Our servers acquire this information but are not able to decrypt it; hence our servers are not capable of knowing your uncertainty area and, consequently, your location. Similarly, our servers do not obtain any information related to your movements. The encrypted uncertainty area may be temporarily (for a few minutes) stored on our servers, associated with your account.

The encrypted information about your uncertainty area is not shared with third parties, except for  PCube friends. Despite  PCube friends are not explicitly informed about your uncertainty area, you should be aware that they may still learn it.

The PCube interface allows you to stop transmitting location information to specific friends or to all friends. To stop transmitting your encrypted uncertainty area even to the sever, exit from the application.

You should be aware that PCube acquires your location from the operating system, like most other location-based apps. When you enable location services on your device you are asked to agree on the privacy policies that the operating system provider has defined. They may involve the release of location data to third parties; This is independent from our service and you should carefully read the terms of those policies.

Proximity data collected and shared while using PCube

Whenever PCube performs a proximity computation, due to the PCube communication protocol, the result is unknown to our servers, hence no proximity information is associated with your account. On the contrary, each  PCube friend participating in the proximity computation learns whether you are “possibly” in proximity.

Other Data collected and shared while using PCube

In order to use PCube, you have to register providing a valid email address that will be used for registration confirmation. Your email, the encrypted PCube password and possibly other personal data that you will provide are stored on our servers only. The list of your PCube friends and your privacy settings are also stored in your account. This information is used to enforce your privacy settings. Our servers may also store your IP address for system administration purposes.  You can request at any time to obtain the personal information stored in our servers as well as  to delete your account and associated information.


The PCube service will send email notifications to the email address you have provided only in specific occasions: upon occurrence of specific events during normal operation of the app (e.g., when a friend invites you to share proximity) and on exceptional server operation condition (e.g., when service maintenance procedure may temporarily disrupt service).


We do our best to protect the information collected and shared through PCube, but no company, including us, can fully eliminate security risks connected to handling information on the Internet. In addition, PCube uses standard Wi-Fi and 2G/3G protocols for data transmission. You should know that unauthorized persons may attempt to intercept your network communications, and we encourage you to exercise caution when accessing such things as Wi-Fi hotspots.

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