TypeInBraille allows you to write in Braille on your iPhone. You can enter a character through its Braille representation using a sequence of three simple gestures. Each gesture is used to enter one of the three rows of a braille character.

Listen to the description on how to use TypeInBraille (thanks to David Woodbridge @dwoodbridge)


Write your notes

  • type your notes using your fingers to enter Braille dots;
  • edit the text (delete, select, copy, cut and paste);
  • navigate the text (character by character, word by word).

Send and copy your notes

  • send your notes via e-mail;
  • send your notes via text message.
  • copy your notes on the clipboard and paste in any application (e.g., notes).

Type in a noisy environment!

  • The TypeInBraille text-entry method does not totally depend on the speech feedback. You can write your notes in a noisy environment (a tramcar, at the railway station, etc.).

Type on-the-go!

  • With TypeInBraille you can easily enter text on-the-go. You are not forced to search for keys on a virtual keyboard.

Here is a video comparison between TypeInBraille and the standard iPhone keyboard:

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