We offer innovative solutions in two main areas:

  • Location and sensor-based mobile assistive technologies
  • Privacy aware location based services

EveryWare Technologies offers products as well as customized solutions in these areas as well as in the more general area of location and sensor-based mobile technologies.

The two main suites of mobile applications are the following.

Location and sensor-based mobile solutions for visually impaired people

Do you think that smartphones are not accessible to visually impaired users? You are totally wrong! Many devices offer pre-installed functionalities that render them usable by blind and partially-sighted people. Being able to read a newspaper or to reply to an email while commuting on the bus is a great step ahead for these persons. We believe that this is just the beginning. Indeed, these devices can collect information about the environment through the on board sensors, like the GPS receiver, the camera, the accelerometers, and the gyroscopes. Our challenge is to use this information to design innovative apps  supporting visually impaired persons in their daily activities.

Reference apps:

Light Detector icon Light Detector icon AudioLabels icon
iMove icon

Privacy aware location based services

A steadily growing number of mobile apps exploit information about location and time acquired from the user’s device to provide new services or more personalized services. Social networks are rapidly evolving into geo-social networks by including location data. Users are not fully aware of ¬†the potential privacy threats involved in sharing their location as well as in releasing their location history to third parties.In order to mitigate this problem we integrate in our apps innovative techniques based on cryptography as well as on advanced spatio-temporal data management.

Reference apps:

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