Professional development of sensor-based and location-based apps for iOS and Android platforms.

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    Technology consulting, design and UX optimization, Implementation and testing, maintenance and updates

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    Build your Andoird based app from the scratch by employing one of the most experinced teams on the market.

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    We will help you to produce an app suitable for the major platforms by utalizing the benefit of cross platform development.

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JVM, utalized by Java, keeps working smoothly in every system. The language still holds the leader place among all app development langauges.

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Language natural, unmistakeable and with basic syntax reminding English. Still Python delivers great results and is very popular due to its agility and user experience.

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Server side scripting language designed in 1995. The language is good not only for creating all kiinds of website elements, but for writing mobile apps as well.

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What Makes Us Different

We take a unique approach to app development and research. We believe in building relationships, not just a client base. Our experience has come in markets of all sizes throughout North America for small businesses and nationally recognized brands. We take pride in our knowledge and success in reaching the general market as well as minority segments. Let us help you bring your business to the new levels and client satisfaction.

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"In 2018, there were 194 billion app downloads. That number is projected to grow to 205 billion in 2019, and 258 billion in 2022 - a 45 percent increase over five years." - MindSea agency.

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The Team Behind

Since 2019 app development offered at is managed by Elinext company developers. Elinext is a software / app development company with development centers scattered across the globe and over 350 developers ranging from juniors to seniros. The company operates since 1997.

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